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Hot food, cold beer, & good company.

Since 1905, the Doyle has been the center of Duncannon. We're a pillar of both the town and the Appalachian Trail, with thousands of hikers stopping by for a place to eat and stay. Come and visit for classic American food, one-of-a-kind ambience, and living, breathing history.

In 1903, an 18th century hotel was razed to the ground. Two years later, a new hotel, called the "Johnston Hotel", came up in its place. The hotel served transient crowds off and on America's then-new east to west rail line, replacing the Pennsylvania Canal which had closed five years prior and the pioneer trail of the century before it. Throughout the Great Depression, World War 1, prohibition, and the passing of the 13th Amendment, the Johnson Hotel serviced the nation's travelers.

By 1944, with the war raging and money tight, Jim Doyle purchased the Johnston Hotel with money he won in the Irish Lottery and renamed it the Doyle. It was during the early post-war years that the Appalachian Trail was developed and a new type of traveler made their way up and down the eastern states. The Doyle served hikers of the trail from day one, with the Doyle's staying on to welcome the weary on into the 1990s. After he sold the hotel, it went through a period of transition and a plethora of owners.

In 2021 the Doyle was purchased again, and for the first time in decades received a major renovation. From the floors to the ceilings and everywhere in between, we've revamped and restored the Doyle to historic American charm. Featuring a new menu, new bar, and completely redone and expanded rooms, we're proud to carry the Doyle from its 18th century origins to its 21st century potential. We invite you to stop by and experience all that we have to offer.


The Doyle

has been providing rooms, food, and entertainment to central Pennsylvania and the thru-hikers & travelers of America for over 115 years. Now under new ownership, we carry on the tradition of hospitality with an upgraded experience in the heart of Appalachia.


The Town

of Duncannon was laid out in 1792, while settlers had lived in the area since at least the 1760s, when the area was still Susquehannock territory. Today, Duncannon is a quiet town, home to 1,500 people. It's scenically situated among the Blue Ridge mountains and the Susquehanna River. Aside from being a haven for hikers, Duncannon is also a local hotspot for antiques and is only 20 minutes from the state capital.

appalachian trail 2.jpg

The Trail

is up there with the Silk Road as one of the most traversed pathways in history. Meandering through 13 states, the Appalachian Trail offers breathtaking views and close-knit camaraderie. Pictured is a view from the vista at Hawk Rock above Duncannon, the Susquehanna on the right.

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